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ABOUT TSA International

TSA International Limited is a top global fresh produce brand and the creator of Frozen Tenderstem. After nearly a decade in development, Iceland Foods will begin selling frozen Tenderstem® stems in a 270g pack of individually frozen stems in January.


TSA International Ltd, a Tenderstem® licensee for over ten years, supplied the product, which was developed using TSA’s extensive knowledge of growing and selling fresh Tenderstem®. The supplier has developed a method for freezing the hand-picked crop within hours of harvesting, packaging it, and delivering it to consumers in prime condition. Kenya is currently harvesting frozen tenderstem®.


Our product lines are grown, exported, and distributed by us. We prefer to be known as Food Solution Specialists because we manage a complete end-to-end solution. You can rely on TSA International Limited for quality, consistency, and dependable supply of fresh, frozen, and ambient products from AFRICA to the global clientele – retail, wholesale, and food services.

We have manufacturing facilities in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as marketing offices in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Dubai. Close contact with markets ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of trends and can respond to and understand our clients’ needs firsthand.


The story of passion and establishment & partnership

TSA was founded in 1969 under the patronage of Sunripe Kenya Limited. We sow over 3 million seeds and plants every week on our wholly-owned farms in the Rift Valley and collaborate with some of our top farmers. This enables us to provide you with the highest quality products all year long, containing all of the goodness, nutrition, taste, flavors, and colors.

Tenderstem® originated in Japan, where it was created using traditional plant breeding techniques. The goal was to create a sweet and tender stem brassica with a good texture by crossing broccoli and Chinese kale.

PK and Shanti Shah began farming in 1965, and through Sunripe, they exported the first French beans in 1969, pineapple in 1970, and avocados in 1972. This was followed by convenience, organics, and frozen fruits and vegetables. Vertical Agro EPZ now processes and markets fresh and frozen produce in more than 20 countries. At the farms and processing sites, a young, dynamic team ensures strict adherence to food safety and standards.


  •  We constantly improve our knowledge of Kenya’s agricultural regions best suited to the production of green vegetables.
  • TSA international Ltd. is in direct contact with producers to better understand their working conditions, such as the presence of a deep well, pesticide level control, and social ethics, among other things.
  • TSA International Ltd. has local representatives to constantly check the quality of deliveries.
  • We personalize the product based on its intended use.
  •  In HACCP, BRC, and Ecocert factories, customization and on-site freezing preserve the organoleptic quality and integrity of the product is offered.
  • We intend to contribute to the long-term development of these agricultural areas.
  • We offer competitive prices owing to the existence of a short circuit
  •  We store and supply in Le Havre based on customer requirements.
  • A wide range of specialty vegetables and fruits in fresh and frozen forms are examples of our product innovation.


Avocado Fresh Products

According to the trade ministry, Kenyan farmers earned $132 million (£100 million) from exporting about 10% of the harvested crop last year.

Kenya is a significant avocado producer and exporter. According to the most recent official FAO statistics, Kenya is the world’s seventh-largest producer of avocados, with nearly 15,000 hectares planted and 234,000 metric tonnes produced in 2018.

Specialty Vegetables - Fresh Products

Irish potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, snow peas, kales, spinach, runner beans, French beans, carrots, broccoli, indigenous vegetables, and Asian vegetables are the most common vegetables grown in Kenya.

According to www.smartfarmingkenya.com, broccoli grows well in central Kenya, the rift valley, and parts of the eastern and western regions. The days to maturity range from 48 to 115 days depending on the variety. It is typically planted in early spring for a summer harvest, but in some areas, a late-summer planting can result in a fall harvest.

Specialty Frozen Products

Although fruits in Kenya are seasonal, there are always a variety of fruits available at any given time. The most popular fruits are passion fruits, mangoes, pineapples, oranges, bananas, pears, and papaws.

People have probably eaten culturally and traditionally important indigenous fruits such as baobab, desert date, black plum, and tamarind for as long as they have lived in Africa.

These fruits and vegetables can also be grown in organic fields for some customers.


We are certified by multiple accredited independent and government bodies all over the world.
  • We are BRC Food certified
  • We have certification from Globalgap Grasp
  • TSA International Limited is an ISO certified company
  • We have received certification from  ECOCERT S.A, France.
  • We’ve been audited and certified by SMETA
  • Sunripe Acacia Farms have received conformity from Linking Environment and Farming




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